Hokko Life

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Team 17
Developer: Wonderscope Games
Release Date: 2020

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'Hokko Life' Steam Early Access Update Adds New Area, City, Items and More - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2021 @ 10:30 a.m. PDT

Hokko Life is a colorful community life simulator that lets players create, craft, and explore the vibrant town of Hokko and its citizens.

Step off the train into the town of Hokko and get settled into your new home! This quiet village needs your help to turn it into the charming rural town everyone loves. With hammer and paints in hand it's up to you to design, build and decorate homes for all of your new friends!

In Hokko Life, players can enjoy decorating their homes and personalizing their styles with custom clothing through an extensive editor that allows for unique designs. Players can finely tweak shapes, materials, and colors to create everything from t-shirts to chairs, and these designs can even be shared with other characters in the game.

A wide number of activities can also be explored, as players build themselves into the heart of the town’s community. From fishing to farming and hunting bugs, there’s plenty to enjoy in Hokko Life.

Team17 and Wonderscope Games launched the Super Shopping Steam Early Access update adding a whole new area to Hokko Life, the Super Shopping Update constructs a new city centre location allowing players to share their own designs and pick up some new creations to add to their own Hokko community.

Accessible via a short train ride, the town centre brings a taste of the metropolitan lifestyle to the quiet town of Hokko; a community store, so players can browse and download items from community challenges; a department store for players to set up their own personal shop, and visit the shop of others; and the seasonal store, which will offer up a selection of seasonal items at various points in the year, starting with some Halloween themed items which will be available straight away.

The previous Farming Update, the first of the planned Early Access Roadmap updates ahead of Hokko Life’s full launch, introduced farmable crops, a new villager selling seeds and recipes, and a farming area for players giving them an opportunity to flex their green fingers. Over the coming months, future updates promise a mayor merits system, which will introduce a new town rating system, bug bonanza, which will update bug collecting and introduce a new villager, and desert island distractions, a whole new area to explore with new activities for players to enjoy.

Key Features:

  • CRAFT: Head to the forest or the abandoned mine to chop mine, and dig for resources. Take what you've collected back to town and craft them into materials you can use in your own designs.
  • DESIGN: Gather your materials and head into the workshop to put your own spin on every item in the game. Use the design table to build your own furniture, combining different shapes and materials in a simple but powerful editor.
  • PAINT: Pop on your overall, get out those brushes and throw some colour down. You can design wallpaper, flooring and even T-Shirts for you and the villagers to wear. Get everyone in town wearing your own unique designs!
  • BUILD: Enlist the help of the resident builder and start expanding the town. Place buildings wherever you like and get them ready for new villagers to move in.
  • DECORATE: Customize the interior and exterior of any home, choose designs and place furniture to make a home your new friends will love.
  • FARM: Turn any plot of land into a place to grow vegetables and other plants, use your green fingers to grow and sell the best produce.
  • FISH: Spend a quiet morning at the various fishing spots around the world of Hokko and build your fishing collection. Fish have unique habits, so you'll need to vary your approach, with each catch providing it's own challenge when you reel in.
  • BUG HUNT: Fluttering and scuttling about the world of Hokko you'll find a whole range of insects for you to catch and build your collection with. Keep an eye out, you never know what might be hiding in that bush!

Currently available through Steam Early Access, Hokko Life is coming to PC (Steam) in 2021.

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