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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Sports
Developer: Steel City Interactive

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'Undisputed' Final Early Access Update Adds Career Mode, Character Creator, Fighter Select Customisation - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 12, 2024 @ 9:18 a.m. PST

Packing a punch with stunning visuals, a revolutionary footwork system, and deep strategy, Undisputed aims to be the most authentic boxing experience to date.

Boxing is Back!

Undisputed (previously known as eSports Boxing Club) is an authentic boxing game developed with care by dedicated fight fans, alongside the professional boxing community. Featuring true to life visuals, bone-jarring action, and more licensed boxers than ever before, Undisputed gives you unprecedented control to master every inch of the ring.

Boasting an unprecedented roster of fighters, Undisputed will have over 50 fighters playable on day one, including Tyson Fury, Oleksandr Usyk, Deontay Wilder, and Katie Taylor. It will also partner with all of the heavy-weight brands in boxing, including the World Boxing Council, the British Boxing Board of Control, Empire, and many more.

Steel City Interactive announced that Undispute is giving players their opportunity to rise to superstardom with today’s launch of its Steam Early Access Career Mode.

Career Mode will let players create their own character and choose their path to glory, facing off against some of the greatest figures in boxing history, such as Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Oleksandr Usyk, Katie Taylor, Sugar Ray Robinson, and many more legends of the ring.

Key features of Early Access Career Mode:

  • Create your own boxermale or femaleand customize them, from their hairstyle to their weight class and fighting style.
  • Build your team and your future. Surround your boxer with the best manager, cutman, and coach to help progress and develop skills, earn money, fame, affinity, and experience as you rise up the ranks.
  • Negotiate your path to success. Choose the opponents you want to fight and which to avoid. Negotiate fight contracts to earn the highest payout.
  • In-ring action with an innovative, dynamic coach advice system
  • Fine-tune your skills in Training Camps, where your training choices (vitality, movement speed, health, defense, and more) will determine your strategy for the next opponent.
  • Choose your path to glory. Make your own goals and define your own success story. Will you win all the belts, including WBO, WBC, IBF and SCI or seek fame and fortune above all else?

Hey fight fans,

Our long-awaited 7th and final update in early access is here and it’s a big one: bringing you Career Mode, Character Creator, Fighter Select Customisation and much more.

Below are the patch notes for the update, shipped on 12 February 202413417020.

Career Mode

Introducing Undisputed Career Mode, an engaging and authentic boxing experience where you’re the master of your own journey. Fight for money or fame, go for knockouts or dominate the scorecards, or simply rise through the ranks in any way you can.

  • Use our new character creator to create your own fighter or play through career mode with one of the 70+ licensed fighters available in game!
  • Humble beginnings: begin your career journey by jumping straight into an amateur tournament which will inform how you start your pro journey and rank on the world stage.
  • Assemble a team: choose your own Coach, Cutman, and Manager. Your decisions here will impact various aspects of your career from which Stats and Traits you can level up to your ability to negotiate the best deals for your fighter. Featuring lots of licensed legends of the boxing world from Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre to Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran.
  • Own your path: once you’ve assembled your team it’s time to get to fighting. Your team will come to you with fight offers but whether you accept their offer is up to you. Forge your own path by carefully choosing your opponents and using the fight negotiation to get the best deal you can for your fighter.
  • Stay in shape: remember to balance your Fight Camp activities – with choices around growing your fame, maintaining weight, or being fight ready you’ll have to carefully balance your Fight Camp choices to get the best outcome for your fighter.
  • Rise through the ranks: carefully climb your way to the top of the world rankings and pick up national and continental belts on your way to winning a world title, unifying, and eventually becoming Undisputed! Featuring licensed belts from the WBC, WBO, and IBF, as well as our very own SCI belt.

Character Creator

Create your own fighter for offline play! Play with your created character in career mode, or play with them in local play through your fighter select screen.

  • Create your own fighter in any of the 10 weight divisions available in Undisputed.
  • In-depth customisation sliders ranging from the pointiness of the head down to the muscle definition of the calves.
  • A range of customisation options including hair, beards, shorts, gloves, tops, and boots.
  • Pick boxing related things like your boxer’s fight style, animations, etc.
  • Determine your fighter’s style. Character creator allows you to choose your fighter’s stance, block style, and animation set.

Fighter Select Customisation

  • Ability to pick between default or alternative outfit options for each fighter, with more attire options planned for full launch.
  • Ability to customise which taunts you want to use in your fights, with 11 new taunts added to the game, taking the total available to 15.
  • Ability to select each fighter’s ringwalk music.


  • Added 7 Hills, a bustling underground bar with all the rough edges and grunge that you might expect while starting off a boxing career.

Gameplay Changes

  • Introduced Flat Footed Movement. When a fighter’s max stamina drops below 40%:
    • Their standard movement animations are now replaced by the ‘Flat Footed’ movement animation set.
    • They are no longer able to enter ‘Loose Movement’ or utilise any of the other functionalities that come with being in Loose Movement.

[*] Their Traits won't activate.

  • Reduced the minimum max stamina to 30%.
  • The get-up minigame difficulty in offline play is now tied to the AI difficulty set by the player.
  • Block Health
    • Max Block Health reduced by 30%.
    • Block health regeneration timer delay increased.
  • Health bars should now regenerate while on screen.

AI Changes

  • Differentiated the AI behaviour of the 4 core archetypes (Boxer Puncher, Slugger, Swarmer, Outside Fighter) to reflect real-life styles more accurately.
  • Added a range of AI strategies to the generated characters within career mode. The generated characters will vary across things like levels of aggression, preferred punch types, preferred combos, etc.
  • Adjusted punch selection to be more in line with what a real boxer would do, e.g. lead with jabs, save power punches for the end of combos, etc.
  • Improved the AI’s lateral movement. They can now dodge sideways and have improved ring positioning.
  • The AI now has increased aggression toward the end of the fight if an AI boxer is down on points. An AI boxer will chase a knockout if it's their only way of winning.
  • Reduced aggression toward the end of the fight if an AI boxer is up on points.
  • Improved punch output and smarter stamina usage relative to opponent stamina and point difference.

General Changes

  • Added branding for new partners Ready to Fight and BXSMART into the game.
  • Replaced two player titles with new ones.
  • Blood can now appear on women’s tops.
  • Introduced an experimental new camera: ‘Over the Shoulder’ gives players a new POV on the in-ring action. This is currently only available for offline play and will have further iterations in the future. Head to your settings to try it out!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused AI boxers to freeze when trying to perform an invalid punch.
  • Fixed an issue in online fights that meant your opponent’s animation would sometimes lock up instead of stumbling, causing the opponent to appear to slide.
  • Fixed UI alignment issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue around feints locking up the user on certain fighters.
  • Fixed dodges not being able to be queued after a punch.
  • Fixed an issue around the incorrect dodge playing when trying to dodge forward/back while holding the power modifier.
  • Fixed an issue around some accessibility features preventing the player from entering specific venues.
  • Fixed an issue with the crowd in Santiago Gym not rendering correctly.
  • Updated the hair on multiple boxers to fix opacity issues.
  • Fixed some issues around shorts not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed some input prompts not appearing during the tutorial.
  • Commentator dialogue is now more relevant to active gameplay.
  • Fixed graphical issues on multiple venues.
  • Dazed effects being turned off during instant replay should no longer lock the game.
  • Fixed an issue where punch impact effects were not playing from the correct location.
  • The referee should no longer count too high in the getup minigame.
  • Fixed an issue with boxer’s eyes not rendering reflections properly.
  • Fixed an issue with boxer’s eyes being closed when not intended.
  • Fixed some issues around the side selection not behaving as intended.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary footwork mechanics, including a Loose Movement modifier to help you get around the ring with ease.
  • More than 60 individual punches. Punch from multiple angles and directions. Feint to set up a trap and counter.
  • 50+ licensed fighters at the start of Early Access, with more to come, including a fully-fledged Women's Division.
  • Incredibly detailed boxers models, utilizing the latest scanning technology.
  • All the tools needed to create an unbreakable defense. Slip punches, weave, dodge, and block before finding your opening to strike.
  • Physics-driven interactions – punches can sometimes go around or even through an opponent’s guard.
  • The WBC, British Boxing Board of Control, and other real-life boxing organizations.
  • Boxing equipment and apparel brands such as Empire Pro Tape, Rival, Cleto Reyes & Adams.

Undisputed is in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam).

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