NDS Review - 'Advance Wars: Dual Strike'

by Hugh McHarg on Oct. 2, 2005 @ 2:41 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game making its debut on the Nintendo DS. Players lead their new Commanding Officers to fend off the Black Hole Army's latest invasion. With massive battles that sweep across both of the DS screens, Advance Wars: Dual Strike will change the face of war forever.

Hardware Review - 'Logitech PlayGear Pocket'

by Hank on Oct. 2, 2005 @ 2:36 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

The Logitech PlayGear Pocket is protective polycarbonate armor for your PSP. This portable case is packed with versatile features and an innovative design that gives you full control. Anyway you choose, PlayGear Pocket has you covered!

NDS Review - 'Pac 'n Roll'

by Alicia on Oct. 1, 2005 @ 3:12 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Have fun with Pac-Man in a whole new way with Pac 'n Roll. This challenging and unusual platformer lets you roll your way through Pac-Land, fighting ghosts and chomping power pellets. Use power-up hats to give Pac-Man new powers, and send him rolling and leaping through loops, platforms, and streams.

PC Review - 'Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne'

by Dan Barrow on Oct. 1, 2005 @ 3:02 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Based on the premise of Verne's novel, Voyage follows as a group of scientists create a space capsule with the intent of landing on the moon's surface. As scientist Michel Ardan, players are able to wander the surface of the moon and witness the explosion of plant life at dawn.

PS2 Review - 'S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International'

by Katarani on Sept. 30, 2005 @ 12:39 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

S.L.A.I. is a fast-paced mech action is the sport of the future, where players pilot their customized mechs to win cash and worldwide dominance. Over 1 million possible mech configurations and phantom stealth abilities make this one mech party you'll have to crash.

PS2 Review - 'Urban Reign'

by Katarani on Sept. 29, 2005 @ 2:34 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

In Urban Reign, players assume the role of a gritty street brawler who has been hired by one of the city's dominant gangs to protect its leader. Players are thrown into a full-blown turf war, involving gang corruption and street justice that spans from the neighborhood block all the way to the upper levels of city government.

PS2 Review - 'Inuyasha: Feudal Combat'

by Evan Kaigle on Sept. 28, 2005 @ 1:04 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Inuyasha: Feudal Combat allows fans of the television shows and fighting games alike to partner two characters from the series to duke it out in ancient Japan. Featuring 12 playable fighters from the dog demon Inuyasha to the evil shape-shifter Naraku, Inuyasha: Feudal Combat promises an original battle system in a sweeping fairy tale setting where demons and magic roam freely in feudal Japan.

PS2 Review - '187 Ride or Die'

by Geson Hatchett on Sept. 27, 2005 @ 2:44 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

187 Ride or Die tells the story of a reluctant urban hero named Buck, a young man living a thug's life seething with money, fast cars and beautiful women -- with danger lurking around every corner. Set in the underworld of Los Angeles, Buck must defend the territory of his mentor Dupree from a menacing nemesis and his gang of bandit roughriders, led by Cortez (N. Gugliemi), who are determined to take control of the streets.

PS2 Review - 'Namco Museum 50th Anniversary'

by Geson Hatchett on Sept. 26, 2005 @ 1:00 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Bring a classic retro arcade into your home with the Namco Museum 50th Anniversary collection. All of the usual favorites like Pac-Man, Mappy, and Galaga are here in arcade-perfect form, along with rarities like Galaga '88, Pac-Mania, Rolling Thunder, and Bosconian. Save high scores to your memory card to compete with friends long after a game gets turned off.

PC Review - 'The Sims 2: Nightlife'

by RumDragon on Sept. 25, 2005 @ 2:20 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

With The Sims 2: Nightlife, players will be able to take their Sims out to hit all the swanky hot spots in the all new downtown location and spice up their lives with an all new dating gameplay and a new life goal focused on pleasure seeking.

Xbox Review - 'The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction'

by Chad on Sept. 24, 2005 @ 1:28 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Going hands-on with Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is an amazing rush. You can break, smash, and throw nearly every object in the game, jump to the top of every building, and pull off some amazing stunts. Featuring an all-new storyline and classic Hulk characters like Doc Samson and the Abomination, Ultimate Destruction is absolutely the game that Hulk fans have been waiting for.

PS2 Review - 'One Piece: Grand Battle'

by Agustin on Sept. 23, 2005 @ 4:24 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

In a world of pirates, one man wants to become the greatest of them all: Monkey D. Luffy. Join Luffy as he sets out to sea in a rowboat, in search of "One Piece," the greatest treasure in the world! Capture the title of Pirate King as you outfight and outsmart all opponents in this wacky arena battle game based on the graphic novels published by Viz Media.

Xbox Review - 'Dynasty Warriors 5'

by Kris Graft on Sept. 23, 2005 @ 3:45 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Based on Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Dynasty Warriors series of action games takes players back in time and onto the battlefields of Ancient China. In the games, players experience the thrill of fighting single-handedly against nearly endless legions of enemy soldiers in historical battles that shaped an empire.

GBA Review - 'Rebelstar Tactical Command'

by David Wanaselja on Sept. 22, 2005 @ 1:17 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Rebelstar Tactical Command is a turn-based strategy and combat game with role-playing elements, "Rebelstar Tactical Command" transports players to a not-so-distant future in which Earth is ruled by an evil empire.

Gamecube Review - 'WWE Day of Reckoning 2'

by Katarani on Sept. 22, 2005 @ 1:11 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Last year, you rose from the "minor leagues" of the WWE to become not only one of its top Superstars, but the World Heavyweight Champion. Whatever the reason, you lost the title and now must find your way back to the elusive path of vindication. This time around, the path will be even more difficult as the line between friend and foe is not always clear. This time around, trust no one...

GameCube Review - 'Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life'

by Hugh McHarg on Sept. 21, 2005 @ 2:32 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life consists of six chapters, each one representing a different part of your life. Your successes and failures will be reflected in the subsequent chapters … so that you can experience all the drama that goes with living a full life!

PS2/Xbox Review - 'Outlaw Tennis'

by Gordy Wheeler on Sept. 20, 2005 @ 1:50 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Outlaw Tennis is a top quality tennis sim combined with the outrageous characters, play modes and humor of the Outlaw series of games. The Fighting/composure system that is unique to the Outlaw series adds a whole new dimension to the otherwise conservative world of tennis. Get ready to hit the courts, beat the daylights out of your opponent and cause a "racquet."

Xbox Review - 'Metal Slug 4 & 5'

by Evan Kaigle on Sept. 19, 2005 @ 2:08 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Metal Slug 4 & 5 was released as a bundle pack this summer, giving you twice the action, and twice the fun. Help stop the distribution of a computer virus that threatens the world's militaries, and recover Metal Slug secrets and destroy a paramilitary syndicate!

PSP Review - 'Namco Museum Battle Collection'

by Agustin on Sept. 18, 2005 @ 1:43 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Namco Museum Battle Collection offers new and original versions of some of Namco's most beloved arcade classics including Galaga,Pac-Man and Dig Dug, the game will be released with 10 U.S. exclusive titles Xevious, Bosconian, Mappy, Tower of Druaga, Dragon Buster, Grobda, Dig Dug 2, King & Balloon and others bring the total to more than 20 titles.

PC Review - 'Fable: The Lost Chapters'

by Keith Durocher on Sept. 17, 2005 @ 1:04 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

As additional story and side quests await in Fable: The Lost Chapters, so too does the path of righteousness, as well as the life of evil. With every choice, a character transforms into a reflection of his actions and decisions. There are new quests to conquer, areas to explore, creatures to slay and story elements to discover.