Abel is Cain's foster brother and at one time served alongside him at the DNPC. A turning point in both boys' lives occurred when a fight between them escalated to a point where Cain was forced to lose control of his sanity in order to subdue his wildly violent brother. As a result, their foster mother was killed and the boys blamed each other for the tragedy and drifted apart until years later when they were both recruited by the DNPC. While Cain was humbled by the awesome killing power of his Psionic powers, they intoxicated Abel. He spent less and less time following orders and became more bent on going toe-to-toe with rogue Psionics in the field -- often with little or no regard for innocent lives and public property. Eventually, Cain was forced to subdue his brother and Abel was subsequently suspended from the force and quarantined at Command. Abel, having intimate knowledge of the inner workings of command and wielding incredible Psionic powers, soon escaped and has been periodically wreaking havoc on the civilian population ever since. Abel sees himself and other Psionics as the next evolutionary step for humanity.