Cain is a Psionic Agent for the DNPC (Department of National Psionic Control), an organization dedicated to protecting humanity from rogue Psionic criminals. Due to their incredible powers, Cain and his foster brother Abel were the first Psionics ever recruited by the DNPC. Abel was eventually kicked off the force for recklessness while Cain continued on and has excelled as one of their most reliable and powerful field agents. However, Cain's powers have exacted a heavy toll and several times in his life his lack of self-control has resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians including his foster mother. Cain wants the humans and the super-humans to coexist in harmony, however unrealistic that is, and is very aware that without his work and the work of his fellow agents in the DNPC, humanity as we know it is at risk of collapsing into total anarchy.