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DC Studios Acquires 'State of Emergency 2' (PS2) License

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 12:41 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

A few weeks ago VIS Entertainment closed its Dundee office and laid off several people at its other remaining Edinburgh studio, virtually halting all production on its titles in development, State of Emergency 2 and Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer. Today DC Studios announced that it has acquired the rights to Rockstar's 2002 sequel and will resume development on State of Emergency 2, which is now schedule for late this year, PS2 confirmed, but no other platforms are specified at this point in time. DC Studios most recently finished Ubisoft's Rayman DS and is currently also developing a multiplatform title for Konami of Europe.

'Chaos League: Sudden Death' - 4 New Screens

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 11:38 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Chaos League: Sudden Death, developed by Paris-based Cyanide Studios, takes up where the original Chaos League left off, bringing with it a host of improvements and enhancements which make take the real-time, role-playing strategy sports title into a whole new bloody battleground. Here are the first ingame screens ...

Microsoft Signs 'Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes' (Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 9:57 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

While Phantagram announced it a few months ago, Microsoft announced today that it will distribute the next saga of the epic action-strategy game Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes exclusively for Xbox in late summer 2005. Read more for details & the very first screens ...

'Specforce' - 27 New Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 9:41 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

SpecForce is Techland's latest futuristic tactical shooter with a plot connected to already known Chrome. Using an optimized Chrome Engine, the gamer acts as an operative of future's special forces unit - SpecForce. Established to fight crisis situations that threaten the Federation's peace, equipped with the latest combat gear, the unit is the Federation's elite rapid reaction force.

Ex-Acclaim Developers Form Silverback Studios

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 9:21 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

A new development studio has been launched - fronted by ex-Team 17, Ocean and Infogrames veteran, Jon Oldham, and fifteen members of Acclaim's Manchester studio, who were working on Interview With a Made Man. Fund4Games has secured the rights & assets to the title, and SilverBack Studios have reprised development for current and next-gen consoles, and it is now scheduled for 2006. Read more for details ...

Valve and Vivendi Universal Games Settle Lawsuit

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 8:59 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Valve and Vivendi today announced the settlement of a pending federal court lawsuit filed by Valve in August 2002. The parties have resolved their differences, and the settlement provides for the dismissal of all claims and counterclaims. VUG will cease distribution of retail packaged versions of Valve's games, including Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source, effective August 31, 2005, and notify distributors and cyber cafes that were licensed by VUG that only Valve is authorized to distribute Valve games to cyber cafés and grant cyber café licenses. All previous license agreements made by Vivendi are being terminated. Needless to say, settlement or not, this is a huge win for Valve.

'Hammer & Sickle' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 8:25 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Already revealed a few months ago, Nival Interactive today officially announced Hammer & Sickle, a new tactical role playing game set in the Silent Storm universe. The game is being co-developed by Novik&Co and Nival Interactive.

'Dungeon Lords' Goes Gold

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 8:18 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

DreamCatcher Games today announced Dungeon Lords has reached gold status worldwide. To mark the occasion, DreamCatcher has released the intro-cinematic for Dungeon Lords, created by Brain Zoo Studios, giving fans a taste of what to expect when the game ships on May 4, 2005.

'Notcom Racing' (PS3/Xbox360/PC) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 8:11 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

ForwardGames' Notcom Racing is a next-gen futuristic racing game with more than a twist. Race among beautiful, highly detailed environments, over the magnetic track at insane speeds, find your way out among track-traps of any sorts, change vehicle configuration on the fly and do not, do not use wisely your lethal embedded weapons arsenal!

'Vietcong 2' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on April 29, 2005 @ 8:07 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

2K Games today announced Vietcong 2 for the PC, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Vietcong and the expansion pack Vietcong: Fist Alpha.