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'LotR: The Return of the King' Goes GOLD

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 9:25 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

EA is pleased to announce that The Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King has officially gone gold for all platforms—PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. The game is on track to ship to North American retailers under the EA GAMES brand on Tuesday, November 4th, and will be in stores by Thursday, November 6th.

'Madden NFL 2004' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 3:33 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

EA has released a new patch for their latest edition in the footbal sim franchise Madden NFL 2004. Last patch was merely a roster update, this (bigger) patch adresses some gfx card issues, controller problems and various crash fixes. Read more for details and download links ...

'The Sims Makin' Magic' - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 2:32 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Brace Yourselves! Your Sims have Magic! In this supernatural edition, Sims are granted magical powers with the ability to cast spells that are playful or deviant. Players can venture to an all-new magical, carnival-themed destination, experience exciting new gameplay, gain over 150 new items, and encounter a whole new cast of quirky characters in this powerful pack of magical high jinx. Check the new magical screens ...

'Beyond Good & Evil' (PS2/PC/NGC/Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 2:21 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Armed with her camera, aikido staff, and resolute investigative skills, Jade sets out to expose the truth and to liberate the minds of her deceived people. Pushed to the very edge of her physical and spiritual will, she soon discovers that even these limits are not what they seem … Her quest for the truth knows no bounds. Check these spiffy new screens ...

'Knightshift' - Update Patch & Voice Mod Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 1:40 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Zuxxez has released a voicemod for Reality Pump Studios' recently released RTS/RPG KnightShift (aka Once Upon A Knight). This MOD installs the complete English voiceovers and dialogs (Campaigns and RPG) and also update the retail v1.00 to v1.01, supporting a new audio compression. Read more for download links ...

'NBA JAM' (Xbox) Gets Downloadable Content - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 1:21 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

NBA Jam brings the "in your face" highlights of NBA play to life with over the top, arcade-style 3-on-3 basketball featuring spectacular high-flying dunks, ankle-breaking crossovers and "get that outta here" blocks!

'Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi' Goes Gold

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 12:45 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

iGames Publishing today announced that the highly anticipated PC game Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi has gone gold. The first person shooter-survival horror game will thrust players into a den of bloodthirsty vampires where intrepid adventurers must use their wits as well as the classic weapons of vampire lore…holy water, wooden stakes and more, to defeat the fanged horrors. Developed by the Swedish studio, Idol FX, the game will be released for PC on October 20th in time for Halloween.

'Railroad Tycoon 3' - Developer Interview

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 12:14 p.m. PDT | Filed under Interviews

Railroad Tycoon 3 offers a fully realised 3D gaming world, scaling from eye in the sky views of entire continents down to incredibly detailed close-ups of beautifully modelled locomotives, buildings and landscapes. Take 2 has issued a brief Q&A with PopTop's Franz Felsl, read more to check it out (including some new screens)!

Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal (NGC) - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 11:59 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Get ready to pilot the world's most powerful trucks and go head-to-head in pulse-pounding off-road competitions. Whether you're grinding through mud pits in Louisiana, crunching up cliffs in California, or smashing up trees to make the ride a little bumpier for they guy behind you, keep your eyes on the prize: cash you earn on the circuit goes to buy new trucks and build up your ultimate Monster machine. Read more for some new screens!

Various Game Trailers Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 11:55 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Another day, another batch of game trailers were released. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are trailers for :

  • Crash Nitro Kart - Trailer
  • Deus Ex: Invisible War- Trailer
  • Maximum Chase - Trailer
  • Monster Hunter - TGS Trailer
  • Call Of Duty - 'Brothers' Trailer

  • We will update this throughout the day when new trailers become available. Read more for download links ...

'Rome: Total War' Set To Conquer The World In Fall 2004

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 11:29 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Activision, Inc. today announced that Rome: Total War, the latest installment in The Creative Assembly's award-winning Total War series, is on schedule for a fall 2004 release. The highly acclaimed game took the industry by storm when it debuted at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo earning the highest accolade, a "Best of E3 2003" award for Best Strategy Game. The title was also lauded by industry leader Computer Gaming World magazine as a "landmark strategy/wargame" and received "Best Games of E3" accolades from PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, GameSpot and GameSpy. Next fall, gamers will hail the golden age of antiquity as they command massive armies in a bid to rewrite history.

'Beyond Good And Evil' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 11:21 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

As promised Ubisoft has now released the US demo for Michel Ancel's upcoming action/adventure game Beyond Good & Evil. No specific info on this demo available except for "it contains the first 90 minutes of the game" and is more polished/bug free than the previous "French" demo, it is also about 50mb bigger. Read more for download links ...

'Wartime Command' - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 11:10 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Wartime Command: Battle For Europe 1939-1945 is the stunning World War II tactical real time strategy game from Russian developers 1C Company in Russia. The game development project has been retitled from Battlefield Command to give it prominence in a cluttered market of similar product brands. Wartime Command will launch for PC in the spring of 2004. Read more for some new screens ...

'Cold Zero' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 11:03 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Drago Entertainment/JoWood have now released the English demo for their isometric 3D action/RPG/strategy game Cold Zero: The Last Stand. This demo features a training tutorial and one mission called The Fish Loading Point, where you have to rescue hostage held at docks (thanks Tiscali). Read more for download links...

'Kuma: War' - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 10:07 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Kuma Reality Games’ Kuma: War brings today’s news of military conflict directly to the PC in a method and style never-before-seen in the world of video games. Supported by true-to-life satellite imagery and authentic military intelligence, Kuma: War provides players with the opportunity to jump from the headlines right into the frontlines of international conflict. Read more for some new screens ....

'WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain' (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 9:28 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

The drama comes to life like never before in WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain. Players can create, play and develop their own Superstar through storylines developed exclusively by the WWE. The game features enhanced gameplay elements with new match types and sensational production values that recreates all of the electricity of actual WWE programming. Players can track their progress with seasonal stats, earn money to build up Superstar abilities and unlock hidden features. Read more for 60+ screens ...

Kock Media Brings 'Singles' To The UK - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 9:22 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

KOCH MEDIA are proud to introduce a slightly 'different' kind of game to fans of the 'life simulation' genre. Releasing Q1 2004, SINGLES by German development team ROTOBEE, lets player's control the lives of Linda and Mike, two very different people, apartment sharing in a busy European city. How they interact and get on is totally up to the player. Read more for details & screens ...

'Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge' (Xbox) Goes Gold

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 9:16 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for Xbox has gone gold and takes off for store shelves on 31st October for an estimated retail price of £39.99. Crimson Skies pulls out all the stops, launching gamers into some of the most heart-pumping, intense aerial warfare ever seen on- or offline. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge raises the bar for aerial combat, combining thrilling dogfights with the swashbuckling style of a Hollywood action-adventure movie.

'Maximum Chase' (Xbox) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 9:03 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

The intense action of a Hollywood car chase takes an interactive spin as Majesco, one of the fastest-growing publishers of interactive entertainment, today announced Maximum Chase exclusively for the Xbox. Developed by Genki in conjuction with Microsoft, Maximum Chase puts players into a mission-based, driving/action game inspired by some of Hollywood's greatest chase scenes. Read more for details ...

Activision To Sponsor 2003 Gravity Games

by Thomas on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 7:48 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Activision announced today that the company will be an exclusive sponsor of the 2003 Gravity Games and that NBC will use Activision's proprietary Tony Hawk's Underground game engine technology to illustrate the street and vert athlete performances during the October 12, October 19 and October 26 Gravity Games broadcasts.

'Gladius' (NGC/PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 1:01 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

At the heart of Gladius is a unique mix of dynamic game play that requires players to develop and manage a school of gladiators who, over time, gain experience, learn new skills, improve their abilities and finally test their might in epic battles. Players fight with deadly weapons and powerful magic, learn vital combat tactics, and enhance and customize characters... Check out new screens for all platforms!

Xbox Review - 'Voodoo Vince'

by Justin on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 12:48 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

"Voodoo Vince" allows players to explore and fight as a tattered but unrelenting voodoo doll as he explores the depths of the Louisiana Bayou full of outrageous levels and over-the-top characters. "Voodoo Vince" is the only game where kicking your own butt leads to victory! Read more for the full review ...

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2003 @ 12:39 a.m. PDT | Filed under News