1C Company - E3 Gallery

by Rainier on May 18, 2003 @ 2:30 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Durin last week's E3 we met up with 1C Company who showcased us several of their upcoming and quite interesting titles, we will have several previews/first impressions coming up shortly. In the meantime we have screenshots for the following titles :

  • Perimeter
  • Konung 2
  • Vivisector
  • Private Wars
  • BorderZone
  • Axle Rage
  • Bloody Magic
  • MechMinds
  • OutFront
  • Rig'n Roll
  • Sphere
  • Space Rangers
  • Star Wolves

  • Hit this link for the screens!

TDK - E3 Screens

by Thomas on May 17, 2003 @ 12:19 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

  • Corvette: Zero to Gone (PC PS2 Xb)
  • Conan: The Dark Axe (GC PC PS2 Xb)
  • Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey (GC Xb)
  • The Haunted Mansion (GC PS2 Xb)
  • Knights of the Temple (GC PC PS2 Xb)

    Hit this link for the screens!

'Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun' (PS2/XB/NGC) - Screens

by Thomas on May 17, 2003 @ 7:46 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Pack up your gear, head to the Pacific, and fight Japanese imperialism in Medal of Honor Rising Sun. In this instalment of the top-selling Medal of Honor series, Marine Corporal Joseph Griffin must endure some of the fiercest battles fought during WWII; crucial assignments ranging from surviving the devastating attack on Pearl Harbour, destroying the Bridge over the River Kwai, midnight raiding on Guadalcanal, and triumphing in the final showdown with Colonel Shima. Choose single player or the new two-player co-op mode to experience life as a Marine in the Pacific during the most difficult years of the war. Players can also choose four-player split screen death match and team modes for head-to-head action. Medal of Honor Rising Sun is scheduled for release in late 2003 on the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.

'Black & White 2' - Screens

by Thomas on May 17, 2003 @ 7:30 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Black & White 2 includes other new elements, such as improved graphics and Miracle effects such as rivers of fire and earthquakes that yield mass destruction. The game also includes weather systems that impact gameplay; players will see the impact of a drought that scorches the arid plains of Egypt or the effect of a heavy snowfall on the Norse Mountains. Players can also tap new resources and disciples by creating ties with the Japanese or dueling the Aztecs. Players will also have the ability to construct new buildings including armories and a harbor, and explore new islands each with their own culture and climate.

Trent Reznor Is No Longer Involved With 'DOOM III'

by Thomas on May 17, 2003 @ 2:46 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

The NIN (Nine Inch Nails) Hotline let us know that Trent Reznor is no longer involved with ID software's Doom 3 project. The length of time needed to complete the gaming project has taken longer than expected. "Trent's music/sound will not be available for release in the retail game or in any further game demos".

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

by Thomas on May 17, 2003 @ 2:40 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

'Sniper Elite' - Screens

by Thomas on May 17, 2003 @ 12:47 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Sniper Elite, a new title from Wide Games and other choice items coming our way from Wanadoo.. Spring 1945: World War 2 is drawing to a close and the Russians and Germans are caught in a furious battle for a devastated Berlin. The cold war starts... As a sniper, recruited by the OSS (former CIA), it is the beginning of a lonely stealth mission in the Russian territory.

E3Expo 2003 Draws More Than 62,000 Industry Professionals

by Thomas on May 17, 2003 @ 12:26 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

More than 62,000 industry professionals from more than 80 countries gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the ninth annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo), the world's premier interactive entertainment trade show. According to the show's owner, the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA), approximately 400 exhibitors showcased thousands of software titles, including more than 1,350 never-before-seen computer and video game related products, occupying 520,000 net square feet of exhibit space. Exhibitors reported 83 percent of these products will be found on store shelves this holiday season.

Russobit-M - E3 Screen Gallery

by Rainier on May 16, 2003 @ 11:10 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

We met up with Russian publisher Russobit-M to check out their upcoming titles and our comrades were so nice to pack our bags with loads of goodies... We got screens for :

E3 Is Over - Long Live E3

by Rainier on May 16, 2003 @ 11:02 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

The E3 is finally over and the WP team has slaved themselves tirelessly, worked their asses off, and met with tons of publishers and developers. Thanks to all the good people at the show who put up with our annoying questions. In the coming days, and probably weeks, we will be rolling out various interviews, previews, trailers and all the other goodies we secured during our trip. We might even sell our soleless shoes just so we can afford new one's :)

'Unreal Tournament 2004' - Screens & Trailer

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 1:48 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

I saw on VE3D that Andy tossed up info about a E3 footage of Unreal Tournament 2004 on E3 Insider (there's a glimpse of the title screen in there too). To check out this movie click here, then 'Watch Floored' ..

Andy also let us know that Beyond Unreal also has following comment from Mark Rein:

Sorry I have not been able to visit the forum sooner but we've been extremely busy showing off UT2004 during the day and then meeting with licensees and potential licensees at night.

The reception to UT2004 has been great which is especially gratifying considering how early everything is. There are so many cool things going into UT2004 that aren't in showable shape yet. But regardless of that people are really liking the parts they're seeing and we know they're going to be even more delighted in a few months when everything comes together.

I see many of you are discussing the topic of UT2004 pricing. Atari has not yet set the retail price of UT2004 however they have told us that all along they've been planning to have some sort of deal for existing UT2003 owners who buy UT2004. The game is still many months away so there's plenty of time to figure this out and let people know.

I have guests here in my suite and I need to get back to them now. I'll try (no promises) to post more tonight and possibly get on IRC again sometime in the next few hours to answer peoples' questions.

Take 2 - Rockstar Games Various E3 Screens

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 12:52 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

  • Celebrity Deathmatch (PS2 XB PC NGC)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC)
  • Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (PC)
  • Hidden and Dangerous 2 (PC)
  • Railroad Tycoon 3 (PC)
  • Midnight Club II (PC XB)
  • Space Colony (PC)

    Have a look at the screens here!

Atari (Infogrames) Various E3 Screens

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 11:30 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

'True Crime: Streets of L.A' (PS2/XB) - Screens

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 10:14 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

In True Crime: Streets of L.A., players assume the role of rogue Elite Operations Division (E.O.D.) operative Nick Kang, a no-holds-barred badass, whose brutal reputation and lethal skills have landed him the nasty task of taking down the Chinese Triad and Russian Mafia cartel that has turned the City of Angels into a war zone. Take part in explosive gun battles with double fisted firepower, devastating martial arts brawls, and high-speed shootouts across 250 square miles of accurately recreated L.A. In car or on-foot, the unique branching missions include locating hostile witnesses, searching for case-cracking clues, taking out evasive informants and busting the heavily armed and deadly bad guys.. Read more to check out a bunch of new PS2 and Xbox screens!

'Day of Defeat' (PC) and 'RTCW: Tides of War' (XB) Ship To Stores

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 10:03 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Fusing epic World War II battles with heart-stopping covert operations and tactical combat, RtCW: Tides of War uncovers Hitler's horrific obsession with the occult, living dead, and genetic mutations.

'Pirates' - Announced

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 9:16 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Sid Meier's Pirates! is among the most popular and loved titles in gaming history. Originally released in 1987, Pirates! received unprecedented critical acclaim for crossing multiple game genres to offer unique, unrivaled gameplay options. Pirates! set the industry standard for innovative game design with its unique blend of open-ended role-playing, real-time adventures and thrilling action sequences.

Sid Meier's 'Civilization III: Conquests' - Announced

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 9:13 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Take over the world... one conquest at a time... Sid Meier's Civilization III: Conquests takes players on a provocative journey through the ages as they pursue victory in the most famous conquests in history. What does Civ Conquests give to fans of the award-winning series? Simply put — more Civ: More to Build, More to Fight, More to Rule!

'The Italian Job' (PS2/XB/NGC) - Screens

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 9:03 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Get in, get out, get even! Eidos Interactive invites you to take the wheel of the high-octane movie experience The Italian Job. The video game The Italian Job is based on the forthcoming Paramount Pictures feature film. The game is being developed by driving-game specialists Climax (Brighton) and will be released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube in summer 2003... Read more for 12 PS2 screenshots. perhaps more than you need just to blow doors off, your first ten GameCube screenshots and buon journo, ten Xbox screens!!

LogicaVice Announces Multi-Game Agreement

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 8:49 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

LogicalVice announced today a multi-game agreement to develop 2 titles for multiple platforms with prominent Art House Shadows in Darkness (SID). LogicalVice is currently developing a 1st/3rd person action, adventure shooter for the PC/X-BOX scheduled for release in the 3rd Quarter of 2004, and has several more titles planned. "Boomtown", a multi-genre title that plays more like a RPG than a shooter, is a refreshing break from the norm, and boast stunning levels. Early Screenshots have been released and a demo is available. For more information log onto www.logicalvice.com

" The games replay value is endless," said Mark Sullivan, Project Manager at LogicalVice. "With 25 different player possibilities, specialized character attack animations, weapons, skill sets, numerous single and multiplayer gaming modes, "Boomtown" is sure to please gamers again and again."

'Thief III' (PC/XB) - Screens

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 8:23 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

In this chapter of Thief, you once again take on the role of Garrett, a master thief who is rarely seen, never caught and capable of breaking into the most ingeniously secured places. Garrett steals from the wealthy and gives to himself, making his living in the dark and foreboding City. Although Garrett would prefer to be left alone to ply his trade, the prophecies of an impending Dark Age dictate a different plan for the thief. In his efforts to prevent the Dark Age, Garrett has inadvertently roused an ancient, hidden evil. He finds himself without allies, standing alone between the City and the forces that would crush it.