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Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

by Rainier on April 6, 2002 @ 2:23 a.m. PST | Filed under News

GameSpot offers yet another Delta Force: Task Force Dagger Q&A with NovaLogic Producer Wes Eckhart talking about the upcoming standalone expansion in the Delta Force series. An interesting interview on MacGamer with Bill Roper producer for Blizzard talking about his work on "WarCraft III", amongst other things (thanks ZenGamer). Action Vault has a Unreal Tournament 2003 Q&A #1, starting yet a new chapter in their home made format of "one question, many answers". Today the Digital Extremes team is at bat. The Gaming Lounge offers a Q&A with Irrational's Jonathon Chey discussing their just released superhero game "Freedom Force".

Tribes: Fast Attack - Details

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 11:53 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Yesterday we announced that Serria was up to no good and mentioned some stuff about a possible Tribes 2 re-release. Homelan picked up the phone and decided to give Sierra a call to find out more dirt on this event .. Go check it out!!

Agassi Tennis Generation - Screens & Trailers

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 11:45 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Dreamcatcher just informed us that Agassi Tennis Generation has a new site including game features and screenshots for Game Boy Advance, PC, and PlayStation2. Agassi Tennis Generation 2002 is a fast paced tennis simulation game based on one of the world’s top seed tennis players, Andre Agassi. Play as Andre Agassi himself, or play against him, as you win your way to the top ranks of tennis stardom. There are also 2 trailers available showing off dear Andre at his best ... a first trailer in avi format (45seconds, 30megs) and the second is a quicktime mov (13mb).

'Starmageddon : Project Earth' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 9:11 p.m. PST | Filed under News

DreamCatcher lets us know they just released their demo for Starmageddon, a full 3D real-time strategy in space. The gameplay takes the best and proven elements of RTS genre, where both quick thinking and long-term strategies are important. The user interface is intuitive and very easy to get into and use, with some never before seen features (e.g. for the first time in 3D space RTS the player has a complete freedom of the camera movement). Get it at 3DGamers while its hot (a whopping 106 megs)!

'Cossacks: Art Of War' Ships To US Stores - Screens

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 8:39 p.m. PST | Filed under News

CDV today announced "Cossacks: Art of War," the highly anticipated expansion pack to the popular hit "Cossacks: European Wars," is now available in retail stores. An expansion pack for the PC, "Cossacks: Art of War" extends the story of the historical real-time strategy title. With more than 30 missions and an impressive array of new elements, the expansion pack enhances gameplay for devoted Cossacks fans as well as first time gamers.

'Sabotage' Is Now Known As 'SABOTAIN'

by Thomas on April 5, 2002 @ 7:39 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Sabotain "Sabotage" is a genre mix: A First person shooter with 3D action and RPG elements. It is a mission-based adventure packed with interaction between persons and locations. The gamer has to fulfil several missions such as sabotage, espionage, rescue missions, information missions, theft, reconnaissance, assassination and combat. Sabotain includes a role-playing-style character-development system that lets players build their ordinary character into the ultimate assassin.

Attention!!! BANZAAAIII!!!

by Thomas on April 5, 2002 @ 7:24 p.m. PST | Filed under News

One of the new features in Fireglow' s Sudden Strike 2 will be the morale of the units, which will have influence on the respective troops' behaviour. Generals in particular will be able to influence the level of morale, as they will have the power to raise low morale with the help of propaganda. The new nation in Sudden Strike 2, the Japanese, seem to have their very own secret weapon for avoiding morale problems: the very unique art of Japanese motivation training! British soldiers succeeded in crossing the enemy line and returning with sound clippings with parts of this training! BANZAAAIII!

Official 'Grom' Website Goes Live!

by Thomas on April 5, 2002 @ 7:21 p.m. PST | Filed under News

The official Grom website is is going online today and will bring some adventure spirit to the web. Packed with information about the adventure title by Polish developers Rebelmind, such as some new screens, FAQ, features and artwork, the site will not only be interesting to fans of this Indiana Jones-que title. Grom is truly an epic game that will provide players with loads of pure adventure, a bit of humour, and a touch of mystery to arouse the imagination. It's an action-RPG product combining deep storyline and real time strategy elements for combats. Easy to get into, yet the powerful interface and blockbuster movie feeling will appeal to everyone - amateur or pro. The mysterious lands of India and Tibet are waiting to be explored…

'Stronghold' Update Patch v1.2 Available NOW

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 7:05 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Take 2 Interactive has released a new update patch for their medieval title "Stronghold". Read more to get get some download links and a full detailed list of what this puppy fixes/adds/updates ... (Thanks Blues)

UbiSoft Announces 'Wizardry Summoner' For The GBA

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 6:51 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Wizardry Summoner is classic RPG game, in the style of the well-known and extremely successful Wizardry role playing series. The title is exclusively being developed for the Game Boy Advance by Natsume.

Strategy First Announces 'Hearts of Iron'

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 5:59 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Strategy First and Paradox Entertainment announced today that they will be publishing Hearts of Iron, a definitive real-time WWII strategy game, in the Fall of 2002.

The 'Sheep!' Are Coming To The GBA - Screens

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 5:51 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Gamers. They've braved warzones. They've flown Fokkers. They've single-handedly run entire cities. They've managed professional sports teams at the highest level. Well now, they just wanna have fun. And "Sheep" delivers it with a thumping-great capital 'F'. But not just to your computer game die-hards -such is the charm, wit, humor and the surprising subtlety of "Sheep", it's a game of appeal for masses of people - from all over the world. Previously released on the PC and PS Empire is bringing it to the GameBoy Advance!

Empire Announces 'Total Immersion Racing'

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 5:33 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Total Immersion Racing is a brand new game experience that combines the highest quality driving technology, real-world racecars & tracks and immersive gameplay. Expected end of 2002.

Rage Extends Italian Distribution Agreement

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 5:31 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Our Italian readers will be glad to know that Rage, one of the UK's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced that it has extended its current partnership with Italian distributor Leader SpA (“Leader”) to ensure the release of three further titles from its growing catalogue of games throughout the Italian market place.

'Cultures 2' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 4:24 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Tiscali Games just informed us that JoWood has released a playable demo of Cultures 2 (its in German though). It gives you the chance to try out this isometric management strategy game. The demo is a whoppin 69 MB. Mirror Link HERE

Passionate About Football? Codemasters Are Recruiting!

by Thomas on April 5, 2002 @ 4:21 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Are you passionate about football? Do you know your AC from your Inter and your Beckham from your Berger? Can you build strong relationships with UK football clubs and license owners - and champion Codemasters brand? You could be just the person Codemasters need to play for their team! They are looking for a Brand Manager to champion their football game brand. Read more below to find out what they looking for!

Microids' Syberia - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 3:54 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Microids has launched the product page for Syberia, their upcoming 3D adventure game directed by BenoƮt Sokal (also known as the author of Amerzone). They will open and announce the official website soon. Game is expected June 2002 (thanks Gamershell).

'Resident Evil' (Gamecube) - ArtWork

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 3:01 p.m. PST | Filed under News

We scored 3 new pieces of artwork for Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil game for the Gamecube. Its been a little while since last update (Capcom likes to pump em out periodically it seems), so today we got three shots of some giant snake. Njoy

Game Exhibition Comes To Stockholm/Sweden

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 2:44 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Sweden based G:son International recently signed a partnership agreement with Comdex organisers Key3Media and ExpoNova to arrange Scandinavia's second game exhibition called Nordic Interactive Media Expo. The show is mainly addressed to the Nordic computer games industry and set to run between 30th of October to 1st of November 2002 at Sollentuna Exhibition Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. Alongside the trade show there will be a public exhibition called Gamex, primarily targeting the Swedish consumers.

START! Games & Criterion Offer Developers RenderWare Platform

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 2:43 p.m. PST | Filed under News

START! games is pleased to announce a partnership deal with Criterion Software to provide games developers with access to the acclaimed RenderWare platform. The new licencing arrangement supports developers in the crucial early stages of development without any up front costs.