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Various Game Trailers #631

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 4:52 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Another day, another batch of game trailers was released. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are trailers for :

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - E3 Demo Video 1-6
  • Kameo: Elements of Power [X360] - Elemental Warrior Trailer #1
  • Pac-Man World Rally - Trailer
  • Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan - Trailer #2
  • Tales of Legendia [PS2] - Trailer

  • We will update this throughout the day when new trailers become available. Read more for download links ...

'Frame City Killer' (X360) - 20 New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 4:18 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Frame City Killer is a next-generation action game for the Xbox 360. Featuring astoundingly detailed graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and immersive, non-linear gameplay, Frame City Killer is set to deliver an intense gaming experience this holiday season in North America and Europe.

'GTA: Liberty City Stories' (PSP) Custom Tracks Tool Now Available

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 3:48 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Rockstar's just released Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories features an option for custom tracks in its submenu but seemingly no way to make it work. Today will change all that however as Rockstar are pleased to announce Rockstar Custom Tracks, a program that will allow you to take music from commercial CD's you already own and convert them to the proper format to play in Liberty City Stories. Read more for download links ...

Sony Online Working On Subscription Free MMO

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 3:42 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

At the Austin Game Conference Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley revealed that SOE is looking to break from its traditional subscription-based MMO formula. Plans are on the board to release a game by next fall that can be played free of its monthly charges. With this new approach SOE hopes to make up for the steady cash flow by attracting more people to the game and make up revenue by continuously adding new weapons, levels and special items.

'StarCraft: Ghost' (NGC/PS2/Xbox) - 11 New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 3:23 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

StarCraft: Ghost is a tactical-action console game that refines the epic experience of StarCraft to the level of the individual soldier. Engage the StarCraft universe face-to-face as a deadly Ghost operative in the employ of the Dominion. With the help of determined allies, follow story-driven missions that take you from massive planetary battles through dangerous solo operations to an unexpected turn of events that leaves the fate of the universe in your hands.

'Age of Empires III' - v1.01a German Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 3:14 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Age of Empires III is an RTS set in 1500 A.D. and chronicles the Age of Discovery that started around the time that Columbus discovered the new world. Ensemble has released a small patch bringing your German retail game to v1.01a fixing a crash bug that occurred when selecting the Capitol building.

'Starship Troopers' (ALL) - 38 New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 3:09 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Developed by Strangelite Studio, the game is based on the Starship Troopers movie in which you will take the role of an elite 'special forces' trooper in the Mobile Infantry spearheading the assault against thousands of intelligent enemy bugs, emulating the best scenes from the movie and a whole lot more!

'City of Heroes' - Issue 6: Along Came A Spider Goes Live

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 12:36 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

NCsoft North America announces the release of Issue 6: Along Came a Spider, the latest expansion to City of Heroes, offering exciting new content, graphics and technology upgrades. It will also pit heroes and villains into direct conflict as it opens the doors to new player-versus-player (PvP) zones that will be shared with characters from the soon to be released City of Villains.

'Ridge Racer 6' (X360) - 44 New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 12:28 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Ridge Racer 6 on Xbox 360 comes packed with more than 130 cars and 30 circuits, the most courses in any of the series so far! For the first time ever, it will also feature online compatibility with Xbox Live offering endless hours of drifting excitement.

'Zero Tolerance' (PS2/Xbox) Previously Known As 'Roll Call'

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 12:02 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

When earlier this week Eidos revealed Zero Tolerance: City Under Fire no additional details were available on this seemingly new product. As it turns out Zero Tolerance is not entirely new, as in a previous life it went by Roll Call. Zero Tolerance is an FPS set in the not too distant future and lets you play as Nick Mason, a member of the newly formed G18 Counter Gang Division; an elite enforcement unit granted special emergency powers over all other public services and tasked with securing the city and its citizens at all cost.